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Your window displays can be as valuable for attracting customers as an ad in your local paper or a post on your social media. If you’re located on a busy street or in a pedestrian mall, your windows provide you with an amazing opportunity to attract customers, sell your brand, send a message, entertain, inspire and ultimately sell your product or service. Are you making the most of your window real estate?

Create a Buzz -
Be the Talk of the Town!

Window displays are often the first branding message your customer will see. Draw attention to your building or business with eye-catching, clever concepts. Window displays should work all year round – not just for the holidays. They can focus on a new product, season, holiday or event. They can also solve problems such as hiding an eye sore, blocking the glaring sun or promoting privacy.

“…We have [Retailworks’ display team] change our Downtown windows out pretty frequently so that Kesslers gets noticed! It is definitely working…We have people stopping to look at the windows and merchandise in them daily…Cool stuff folks!” 
-Jim Bretzel, Project Manager, Kesslers Diamonds

“I have had many great comments like – ‘WOW the black and white color combination with the green made me stop in my tracks, I have never been in your store before but the window display drew me in’…there have been countless, ‘LOVE THE WINDOW’ [comments]. It cracks me up to see people just standing outside looking at the window, watching their heads go up and down, right to left, they are trying to take it all in. I will be calling you AGAIN, your team is great” –Kim Riley, Owner of Ooh La La

“I LOVE my new windows. I think they clarify a lot…I would like you to come back – I was hoping for something quarterly. Thank you so much! –Angie Mangold, Co-Owner of Mangold Center for Family Health and Wellness

Don’t have the time or resources to design and maintain powerful window marketing?

Our talented team of display artists will get people talking and wow potential customers before they even walk through your front door. They’ll design, fabricate and install displays, which will attract attention, increase traffic into your business, and sell, sell, sell!

We can create a one-time display or schedule regularly changed seasonal displays. In addition to planning, procuring props and assembling the displays, our artists will clean the display area, wash the windows and even change burned out lightbulbs.

Let our creative team turn your windows into works of art, or a branded memorable campaign. Whatever the theme, you’ll be happy you hired our team!

Valentines Window Display

Take a tour of some of our attention-getting and effective window displays:

Attract more business. Save time and resources.

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