Show Your True Colors

Maximalism is trending in the design world, meaning that bold and diverse colors are exploding in modern interiors. When selecting colors for your selling environment, it’s important to remember that the color you use in your store can have a profound effect on your customers – and on their physiological and emotional response to your space. Read on to learn how different colors impact a space and the people in it.


  • The most powerful and attention-getting of all colors and should therefore be used carefully
  • Communicates power, love and energy
  • Gets people motivated and moving
  • Has been shown to increase metabolism, appetite and grip strength


  • Even though a version of red, it surprisingly has the opposite effect, working to calm angry emotions
  • Makes skin tones look great so works well on walls around mirrors


  • Energizes people and promotes socialization
  • Conveys happiness and creativity
  • Historically has been associated with discount price points


  • Fresh, energizing and stimulating
  • Works best to grab attention in small quantities
  • Not flattering to skin tones


  • Universally liked
  • Helps customers slow down and relax
  • Conveys growth and optimism


  • Universally liked
  • Helps customers slow down and relax
  • Conveys trust and loyalty


  • A controversial color that people either like or dislike
  • Works best when used as an accent color
  • Conveys royalty and luxury

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