Merchandising and Display

Make a Scene!

We offer a variety of merchandising and display services that will attract attention, make your merchandise pop, and increase your bottom line.

Let us showcase your merchandise in ways that will enhance product appeal and profitability!


Our proven visual merchandising and display techniques will help you:
  • Strategically place attention-getting focal points to lure customers into and throughout your store (remember, the feet follow the eyes!)
  • Create interactive displays (which can increase sales up to 25 percent!)
  • Enhance the perception of new product lines or bring life to old ones

Let us help you create a buzz in your community and become the “talk of the town!”


Creative and well-organized displays will make your merchandise stand, encourage customer interaction, and increase sales.

If you don’t have time to create dynamic, attention getting displays, and/or don’t have the “creative knack,” our talented display artists are available for one-time display changes, or on a regular basis — weekly, monthly, seasonally. We can help you with:

Window vignettes
Cube, platform, and table displays
Mannequins and forms
Props, backdrops, and decorative accessories
Artwork (we hand pick to express the personality you seek to convey)
Installation of wall pieces (we have a great picture hanging service)
Theme, style and composition
Educational and interactive elements

In addition to planning and assembling the displays, we’ll clean the display area, wash the windows, and change burned out light bulbs!

Trend Wall Merchandising
Jewelry Merchandising and Display
Store Merchandising
Summer Merchandising and Display Props

Prop Shopping

Choose the right display props to create a theme and tell a story that will stimulate your customers’ interest.

Need help locating larger props or decorative accessories?
Looking for that specific something for a special event or promotion?
Want to build up your prop inventory?
We can help you find just the right piece.
Props are available for rent or purchase.

Display Planning

We offer comprehensive tips and tricks that help make display planning and set up easier.

Don’t mind doing the displays, but need help with short and long term planning? Our comprehensive Display Planning Kit will help you get organized and get it done! We address: display locations, annual budget, timing, themes, props, signs and lighting. Need a tool box? Get everything you need to assemble your own displays with our handy tool box. Complete with nylon filament, tape measure, small level, wire and wire cutter, T-pins, scissors, tape, glue, and much, much more.

Merchandising and Display Planning
Merchandising and Display

Display Audits

We’ll assess your displays and make sure they’re working to effectively increase traffic and your bottom line.

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Want to know if your existing displays are working for or against you? Are they in the right location? Are they purposeful? Are they effective? We’ll address: location and composition of displays, themes, props, signage and lighting, and let you know how to improve your existing displays. You might be surprised just how much you can do to make your displays really work for you.

Displays on the Go

Retailworks’ portable selling environments can help you get your show on the road.

Looking to set up a mini-shop for a few hours at a trade show, association meeting, or public venue? 
Are you an artist trying to display your wares in the best possible way?

We can help you bring your “signature image” to your destination, via signs, merchandise, props, and displays. We’ll create a portable selling environment that will attract attention and keep customers buying.

Pop Up Store Merchandising
Store Merchandising


Bring new life to your fixtures and products with our professional merchandising services.

Need a professional merchandiser to come in and make your store look fresh again? We’ll review your techniques, teach you new ones, rotate product lines, reset some fixtures, and viola(!), your space will look great again. You’ll hear your customers ask you when you started carrying a product line when you’ve had it for years. 

Getting ready for a grand opening and need an extra pair of hands to get your fixtures merchandised and end caps looking fabulous? Our team will hit the ground running and help get your store pulled together in no time. Remember, you only have one time to make that first impression so we’ll help make sure it’s a good one when the doors open!

Workshops & Seminars

We’ll teach your team best practices for creating and maintaining powerful displays.

Looking to train your staff on the basics of good merchandising techniques and display tactics? Our upbeat display artists will inspire your staff to be creative and timely with your displays. They’ll provide resources for fun, attention-getting props. A hands-on workshop where they can critique your displays and merchandising methods on site is also available. Or, we can customize a seminar to meet your specific needs!

Merchandising Workshops and Seminars

Want to see us in action?

Never underestimate the power of a well-designed display!

Let us bring our genius to your project.

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