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Marketing Retail Works

Retailworks will Tell your Story.

We offer full-service marketing and branding services from signage to SEO. Clients hire us to tell their story, share their message, increase their sales.
We’re not your typical advertising agency. We can work in 2-D and 3-D, creating an intangible brand, as well as designing the 3-D physical environment.
Brand, logo, marketing materials, signage, digital experience, interior design, grand openings. Everything has to work together and support each other. To be powerful, positive, and profitable, there can be no disconnect in the brand messaging.

As your marketing and branding team, we’ll identify audiences, messaging, communication tools, and channels.

How can we help you?

Everyone has different marketing needs. Here are two ways we can work with you:

#1 Marketing Support

You know what you need—you just don’t have the time to implement. No problem. We become your on-demand marketing department. Plug us in when you need us.

#2 Marketing Partner

You need a full-service marketing department to handle all your branding needs. No problem. We become your outsourced marketing team and handle everything from inception to completion.



  • Research
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Target audience assessment
  • Research new products, competitors, or resources
  • Case studies/testimonials
  • Brand, Marketing, Website and Social Media audits
  • Analysis and Development of Shopper Profiles
  • Secret Shopper Services

Brand Strategy

  • Branding/Brand positioning
  • Logo design
  • Slogans/Taglines
  • Product naming
  • Marketing Plan Development

Digital Marketing

  • Web strategy, design, promotion and direction
  • Social media and digital marketing
  • Blog design, writing and monitoring
  • Online catalog development
  • Online banners and signage
  • Quick, affordable and effective videos for social media
  • Email market services including template creation and monitoring, and content management
  • Social media analytics
  • Website/Google Analytics

Content Marketing

  • Literature/Collateral creation (flyers, sales sheet, direct mail piece, etc.)
  • Promotions (i.e.: special events)
  • Copywriting services for blogs, catalogs, press releases, articles, newsletters and web
  • Social media content/copy
  • Brochures, flyers, rack cards, stationary, business cards, etc.
  • Catalog copywriting or page layout
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Space ads for magazines, newspapers, trade pubs, or phone books

Final Presentation

  • Anything from Powerpoints to design of your 3-D space (trade show booth, store, pop-up booth, conference room, kiosk, showrrom, etc.)
  • Videos for presentations
  • Event planning (open houses, sales meetings, etc.)
  • In-store promotions (retail bags, signage, store windows, etc.)
  • Banners and signage
  • Advertising specialty designs and procurement (t-shirts, mugs, Frisbees, etc.)
  • History timelines for your wall and/or literature


Our Marketing Team

Laura Leszczynski

Laura Leszczynski

Brand Strategist, Marketer, Graphic Designer

Allie Jeka

Social Media Strategist, Marketing Assistant

Allie melds her passion for creative marketing with her interest in psychology to tailor the perfect messages for reaching any target audience. She studied Journalism and Strategic Communication and Psychology at UW-Madison and has done marketing for clients including the Wisconsin Union Directorate, Wisconsin Premiere Volleyball Club and San Laurio Coffeehouse. Allie is certified in social marketing by Hootsuite.



Ann Deuser

Digital Marketing Guru

Ann combines her fascination in marketing with her extensive background in retail. Her experience includes direct marketing operations for major Milwaukee retail icons and a regional Fortune 100 chain. She’s rolled up her sleeves in direct mail, e-commerce, and storefront retail. She’s been a presenter on retailing and marketing at national retail shows.

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